We hebben een Aqua Leisure simple set zwembad.


Het zal een van deze maten zijn: Aqua Leisure Simple Set 240 x 65 cm. Aqua Leisure Simple Set pool 240 X 65 cm. Inclusief filterpomp en videoband. Aqua Leisure Simple Set 366 x 91 cm. Aqua Leisure Simple Set pool 366 x 91 cm. Inclusief filterpomp en videoband. Aqua Leisure Simple Set 396 x 99 cm. Aqua Leisure Simple Set pool 396 x 99 cm. Inclusief filterpomp. 3-treeds trap. afdekking. grondzeil en videoband.


We hebben een Intex Clear model 638 filter-pomp. De slangen moeten gekruisd aangesloten!


Het filter is bedoeld voor een Aqua leisure zwembadpomp, type SA-3755.



Afmeting Millimeter Inch
Hoogte 84 3 1/4
Binnendiameter 44 1 3/4
Buitendiameter 88 3 1/2

How long should I run the filter pump each day for optimal pool maintenance?

  • On pools 12ft. and under the filter pump should be run approximately 3 to 4 hours per day. On pools between 13ft. and 16ft., the filter pump should be run approximately 4 to 5 hours per day to adequately filter suspended dirt and debris particles. On 18ft. pools, the pump should be run approximately 5 to 6 hours per day. Remember to only run the filter pump when the pool is NOT IN USE.

How often should I replace my filter cartridge?

  • As a general rule, the filter cartridge should be replaced approximately once every 2 to 4 weeks. This can vary based on the amount of time you use your pool and whether it is consistently covered when not in use. You can extend the life of your filter cartridge in all cases by removing it from the pump housing once or twice a week and spraying it down with a strong blast of water. If the filter cartridge still appears dirty after being hosed off, this signals that it is time to replace it.

I need to replace my filter-pump cartridge. What type of replacement filter cartridge do I need, and where can I purchase one?

  • Filter pump model SA-3755 uses a Size 3 or E (Sand n? Sun) cartridge. Filter pump model SA-3766 uses a Size 1 or D (Sand n? Sun) cartridge. Filter pumps models, SA-3767 and SA-3768, use a size 2 or A (Sand n? Sun) cartridge. Note: Sand n? Sun filter cartridges are found only at Wal-Mart stores.

Filter bestellen Bellen 0900 POOLSHOP.

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