Nintendo DSi

De DSi's zijn voorzien van Acekard 2i flashcards, met 8GB Sandisk micros SD kaartjes.


M3i Zero kaartwn

Real Time Save

Game opslaan/gids bekijken.

  1. Create a file name as same as the the NDS game name with the extension name in “.txt”.
  2. Create or copy & paste the text of the game guide into the file.
  3. Make sure this .txt file has been already in the same directory of the nds game.
  4. Make sure the Real Time Save function has been turnned on in the Setting Menu. (eg.“RTS: LR+select” are clicked“)
  5. Execute the game as usual.
  6. Press “L+R+Select” simultaneously during game. The RTS menu will appear then.
  7. Select the “View guide” option. Press “A” to load and display the content of the .txt file

GBA games spelen

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