Crack installeren

From Embrace Nfo: 2) Use our keymaker to register 3) Remove 'NeroPatentActivation.exe' in folder X:\program files\common files\Nero\Shared\NL3 (X=C,D or wherever your Windows is installed) This step 3) will solve issues related to nero detecting pirated serials on PCs with bad or no firewall… - and i recommend it anyways, no-one will get hurt ;)) BTW: Happy New Year 2008 soon everywhere!!


hope this helps the large number of ppl having problems with nero 8

a few things I have noticed…

1. ALL of these torrents have working versions in them, if you have never had nero 8 installed on your comp and cannot get these to work, go uninstall your operating system for there is no hope for you.

2. The problem is that after a month or so, you have to activate the program to continue using it. The trial version method works also, ONCE, and then in a month or so, same thing again.

3. No one is including a keygen that will also ACTIVATE the product.


just download the trial from nero's website, enter any fake email since you wont be using their serial anyways (read the comments in the link, nub)

use this serial 7K22-OO1B-11OS-E1SS-S9M4-B4X3-7E11 to install with

after install, do not restart, make sure nero is not running

run the crack (Nero Crack [EtHiopiAn kiD].exe)

restart your comp and enjoy your newly activated nero 8

thanks to all fight the power

PC vertraagd

Nero 8 slows down your pc ALOT so if you want FULL speed back do the following steps:

  1. Start
  2. Run
  3. Msconfig
  4. Click Startup tab
  5. Click disable all
  6. Apply - ok
  7. close
  8. Exit without restart
  1. Next
  2. Start
  3. Run
  4. services.msc
  5. look for “Nero BackItUp Scheduler 3”
  6. Double click on “Nero BackItUp Scheduler 3”
  7. Click stop
  8. Change startup type to Disabled click ok

Your pc will now be back at full speed

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