We gebruiken op dit moment gallery2 op (Samwise).

Thema: Carbon. Kleurenschema: Bladgoud (was Uselect)

Hoi Pieter,

Ik had het gisterenavond nog even nagekeken op mijn backup:

De theme die ik gebruikte was "Matrix" met colorpack "Goldleaf".


(Op deze site kan je trouwens veel themes en colorpack uitproberen)


No Gallery 2 was performing horribly for me. I'm guessing I can't be the only one.

Each picture connection for a cached image was getting “stuck” for 5-10 seconds after the picture finished downloading. It looks like this is caused by a blocked read in apache which eventually is aborted do to a timer signal. Curiously, it appears to be waiting on input from the browser. There are no proxies between myself and the server.

The kludge is to remove the content length header: remove the content length header by commenting line 840 (I think) of modules/core/classes/Gallery.class:

// header('Content-length: ' . $contentLength);

The $contentLength variable does contain the proper file size.

While is probably not be a bug in gallery itself, it affected me only in gallery on an otherwise ok appearing installation using very standard debian builds. I would guess that the best “fix” for this would be to determine which piece of software is responsible for this bug and warn users to upgrade or disable it. Another potential solution would be to add an entry to the faq for users experiencing this problem.

In mijn versie van apache gallery is het regel 867

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