Elrond is een Freecom MP-350 Network Media Player

Freecom MP-350 mediaplayer

Sinds december 2007 in huis. Het lijkt er op dat het dezelfde is als deze: http://www.airlinktek.com/english/product.php?prod=mg350hd. Dat zou mooi zijn, want daar zit een veel betere firmware in. Kunnen we mooi die gebruiken. FTP server werkt, user pieter/ntaw. Huidige firmware: 1.1.11.


Freecom Network MediaPlayer-350 WLAN
Serial 7393501236
Art. no. 28552
Wired LAN
Mac address 00:02:A8:1E:70:CE
Device id H3P3S-EP4HQ-6OUJ4- RPQH8
Write key QSE7X
Wireless LAN
Mac address 00:0E:2E:CE:D0:B5
Device id 0DAAK-K3H82-4S5A2-01SJG
Write key LFQT8





  1. Go to Al Tech's Firmware download section and download EXACT the firmware file for your unit.Firmwares from different models are NOT interchangeable,and MAY damage your unit, beyond repair. If the fiile is zipped , you MUST unzip it first.
  2. Copy the *.upgrade file to the local hard disk of your MG-250/350/450 or a USB Flash drive in the case of the 350-450.
    You can upgrade firmware over the network,but this is NOT really recommended, as if the network drops during the upgrade process it could damage your unit beyond repair. We recommend that you upgrade the firmware either from the internal hard disk or a USB flash Drive connected to the 350/450.
  3. Boot your MG-250/350/450 and browse to the firmware *.upgrade file.
  4. Hit play on the remote control and follow the prompts to upgrade.
  5. DO NOT POWER OFF YOUR UNIT until you are told todo so via a message on the screen. If power is lost during a firmware upgrade,you unit COULD be damaged beyond repair.
  6. When told to so, reboot your unit and enjoy your new firmware.
  7. A firmware upgrade on the MG-250-350-450 takes less than 6 mins.

See my General firmware FAQ here for other firmware related topics.. http://www.airlinktek.com/english/atboard_view.php?class1=cs&class2=faq&page=1&kind=&uid=2268&keyfield=all&key=firmware&product=



Bestanden zijn benaderbaar via usb, ndas protocol of ftp. Op het thuisnetwerk wordt de FTP mogelijkheid benut om op Samwise de disk van elrond te mounten. De gemounte drive wordt vervolgens via samba gedeeld.

apt-get install curlftpfs
cd /
mkdir mediaplayer
echo "curlftpfs#pieter:ntaw@elrond /mediaplayer fuse allow_other,uid=pieter,gid=users 0 0" >> /etc/fstab
ln -s /usr/bin/curlftpfs /sbin/mount.curlftpfs #let mount know how to handle curlftpfs

Zie http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-441126.html





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