Daantje en Sjaantje

Daantje en Sjaantje zijn HTC s620 smartphones. Ze lopen op een TI OMAP(TM) 850, dat is een 200MHz processor met ARM architectuur. Ze hebben 128 MB ROM-Nand Flash en 64 MB DDR RAM geheugen. Ze zijn toe aan vervanging. Zie Sjonnie en Anita.



Toetscombinaties en andere handigheidjes

From the Home Screen
Return to home screen from any other screen Press Home key or End key
Switch between Default and Vibrate notification profiles Press # key
Switch to a recently used application Press Home key, then Scroll to Select an Application
Make a call Press Send key
View unread messages Select Unread Messages Notification
Open browser and display bookmarks Select Start > Internet Explorer
Edit web address in address bar Select Menu > Address Bar (1)
Move down a page Use down navigation key
Move up a page Use up navigation key
Move between full screen mode and normal mode Select Menu > View (7)
End call Press End key
Call selected name or phone number Press Send key
Call a speed dial number Hold assigned number key
Call voice mail access number Hold (1) key
Turn mute on/off during call Select Mute/Unmute soft key
Switch between speaker and earpiece Press and hold Send key during call
Change volume during call Use volume up/down keys
Open phone Press Send key
Place call on hold Press Menu then Hold (1)
Navigation Screens
Go to Menu Press right Soft key (Menu)
Move Cursor Use the five-way navigation button
Exit a screen Press the Back Arrow key
Click an icon or menu item Press the center navigation button
Return to home screen from any other screen Press Home key
Use Messaging application- Select Start > Messaging
Open the selected message Scroll to message using the five-way navigation button. Select message using center navigation key
Compose message from messages list From Messaging menu, highlight the type of message to compose and select using center navigation button. Then select left Soft key (New)
Reply to message Select left Soft key (Reply)
Forward message Select Menu > Forward (3)
Reply to all Select Menu > Reply All (2)
View messages Select messages prompt on home screen, select Text Messages, MMS, or E-mail.
Turn on / off “direct push” e-mail Short press Power button, Select Comm Manager (2) then Select DirectPush (4)
Type words quickly Use the built-in keyboard
Scroll across list that appears when you type Use five-way navigation button
Select a word from the predictive text list Press center navigation key
Capitalize a letter Press cap/shift key
Type alternate character on a key Press Alt key and select the symbol on the keyboard
Insert @ in an e-mail field Press Alt and J
Turn on CAP lock Press the cap/shift key twice
Turn off CAP lock Press the cap/shift key once
Download entire message and attachments Select “Get entire message and any attachments” in the e-mail message. Then select Send/Receive (9) from the Menu to download
Save downloaded attachment Open the attachment. Save from the Menu
Attach a file to e-mail message Select Menu > Insert (3) > File (3)
Attach a picture to e-mail message Select Insert (3) > Picture (1)
Pan across an image Use the five-way navigation button
Zoom in on an image Select Menu > Zoom (1) > Zoom in (1)
Zoom out of an image Select Menu > Zoom (1) > Zoom out (2)
Rotate an image Select Menu, Edit, Rotate
Access Calendar application Select Start > Calendar
Create an appointment Select Menu > New Appointment
Move to next day, week or month Press right navigation key
Move to previous day, week, or month Use left navigation key
Move cursor horizontally in Week view Use left/right navigation keys
Move cursor vertically in Month view Use up/down navigation keys
Go to a specific date Select Menu > Go To Date (6)
General Tips
Reboot (soft reset) Remove battery
Charge the device Use USB cable. If battery is critically low, use AC adapter
Lock the device Press and hold End key
Unlock the device Press left Soft key (Unlock) and Z (*) key
Turn Flight mode on/off Short press Power button, selecPower button, select Comm Manager (2) then Phone (1)
Adjust volume Use the Up/Down Volume buttons
Stop running programs Select Start and navigate to Task Manager. Select Menu>Stop All
Application shortcuts (Home Screen) Navigate and select most recently used applications
View phone call logs Select Start > More > Call History
Sync with PC Install ActiveSync CD and follow instructions provided
Conserve battery life Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth feature and/or direct push e-mail functions
Turn Wi-Fi on or off





Software sites




Carola Pieter
Telefoonnummer +31 638906145 +31 638901872
IMEI 35155701502428800 35155701502131800
S/N SZ643FJ01114 C
Sim-kaartnummer 893108 360801 333428 RM2 893108 360801 284290 RM2
PUK-code 10400520 40161042
Orange (oude kaart)
Sim-kaartnummer 893120440600455688 893120440600476296
PUK-code 78220444 40348916

GPRS instellingen

GPRS instellen. Vanaf homescherm:

  • Start
  • Instellingen
  • Verbindingen
  • GPRS
  • Menu
  • Toevoegen <box round|Instellingen profiel>

; Omschrijving : Rabo Mobiel Int.

Verb. met Internet Toegangsp. Rabo

In het buitenland dit profiel verwijderen om de rekening binnen de perken te houden.


  • Emulatie van touchscreen: http://www.bobsoft.com/sphelper/
  • Changing start menu view from Gridview to Listview. I changed the view to listview which I like a whole lot better and thought I'd share by changing the following values
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\StartMe nu as follows:
    * GridView DWORD Value = 1, for GridView
    * GridView DWORD Value = 0, for ListView


Tot nu toe niet nodig gebleken, maar je hoort af en toe wat gemopper op de Rabo.

SIM UnlockUse any carrier's SIM in the deviceCID UnlockLoad any carrier ROM on the device.Application UnlockMost smart phones only allow you to load applications that have an acceptable digital signature. If you try to edit the registry or load an application it will give you an error. Application Unlocking removes this barrier and allows you to install any application or edit the registry to your liking.

In order to run unsigned programs you must app unlock your device or add/change the following registry value. Add or edit:

    value = 0000101B   DWORD = 1

Probleem met ringtone settings

  • Registry setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HTC\RingTone\CheckPath Value was 1
  • Registry setting HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\Ring\Directory was \Windows\

Troeftekens bij het browsen

IE voor smartphone gebruikt fonts waarin geen troeftekens zitten. Mogelijke oplossing: http://www.mobilegadgetnews.com/blog/omega2008/index.php?showentry=62. Of: “To use Microsoft Wingdings or Microsoft Webdings that are available on your PC, connect your device to your PC and open ActiveSync. Copy the Wingdings.ttf and Webdings.ttf files from the Font folder on your PC to the My Windows Mobile Device /Windows/Fonts folder in the ActiveSync window. For more information, see ActiveSync Help on the PC.”

Extra hardware




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